Clay brick machineClay brick machine according to Chinas actual conditions, assimilate the advanced technology of Germany, Italy, the United States and other developed countries, drawing on the advanced experience of the new brick making equipment designed and manufactured in the country Fuyuan · Heavy clay brick machine has reasonable structure, durable, maintenance convenience, adaptability and other characteristics. Is the use of clay, fly ash, coal gangue ideal equipment 1500l twin shaft electric concrete mixer js1500 of various raw materials, shale, river silt and other production of various hollow brick solid brick.useClay brick machine for shale, coal, clay and other raw materials to produce all kinds of hollow brick. The machine uses the lower-level structure, according to the terrain can also be installed word T installation. Upper, lower drive are used ZQ type GB reducer and axial pneumatic clutch, the body in all steel welded together. Reamer surface wear-resistant material spray process and prolong life. Durable, convenient operation.Clay brick machineClay brick machineClay brick machine for shale, coal gangue, high fly ash, barren soil of plastic raw materials and other low-hollow brick. The machine uses an electric motor, pneumatic clutch by axial drive through reducer shunt superiors and subordinates stirring extruded portion simultaneously. Compact, energy-saving effect. Machine for the whole steel structure, all hardened gear reducer. Reamer wear-resistant material spray process, easy maintenance, durable.Clay brick machine adopts the principle of single extrusion, uniaxial, single mud-cylinder, single screw coaxial sealing mechanism. All welded steel plate body. Reasonable structure design, extrusion pressure. Applicable to shale, high fly ash, coal gangue, clay and other raw materials to produce all kinds of hollow brick. The machine practical, small investment, quick, is the ideal equipment brickyard technological transformation.Automatic code blank machine workflow:When the cut billet machine to cut the brick onto the plate billet after billet cylinder extends led billet plate opening action of adobe were parting, adobe minutes after completion of the lift cylinder seam decline. After the billet cylinder projecting brick open position, 2500l dam work twin shaft concrete mixer chuck fixture work, pick up the brick, then opened by a lifting cylinder chuck to a predetermined height, billet cylinder extending opening between adobe air duct, walking device driver code blank machine Walking to the kiln car, just above the 90 ° rotation means complete steering cylinder and then open the drop down to a predetermined height put blank, chuck jig open the brick yards on the kiln car, code blank machine laying floor, rotating layer, forming a cross cross, after the operation cycle, to complete the entire code blank kiln car process, code blank machine these functions are traveling through the more centralized control via PLC frequency appliances, automated code blank machine.Code blank machine, also known as automatic code blank machine, hydraulic code blank machine.These are the details of automatic code blank machine, if you have automatic code blank machine price, automatic code blank machine model, automatic code blank machine manufacturers, automatic code blank machine works, please contact us for automatic Latest information code blank machine. For more information about automatic code blank machine,Adobe machine is suitable for coal gangue, shale, fly ash and clay and other raw materials to produce all kinds of hollow brick. Clay machine wear-resistant metal powder spray technology: the higher the agitator shaft, auger shaft and the body lower body, are by aging, quenching, quenching; reducer gear are hardened; clutch pressure using screw type patent technology; greatly improve the service life. Meanwhile, Clay machine rational design, advanced technology js2000 concrete mixer 2m3 compact structure, no need to install anchor bolts can be a smooth operation, can be the most significant decrease in the running of power dissipation due to jitter. Clay vacuum brick mechanism brick series vacuum brick series Clay vacuum brick brick brick brick vacuum clay auxiliary equipment and auxiliary machineryProduct name :( energy-efficient) JZQ500 two-stage vacuum brick machine